Production and exports of Renault Group Morocco up sharply

Production and exports of Renault Group Morocco up sharply

The national leader of the Kingdom’s automotive sector, Renault Group Morocco, which through its Dacia and Renault brands are a hit in both production and export, has, during the first half of the 2023 financial year, confirmed all the good that is said of it.

Its good health, the Group displays it with unambiguous results of its production in the first half of 2023. Indeed, and it is neither a surprise nor a secret, the production of the two factories of Renault Group Morocco in the Kingdom, is up by 9.33% compared to the first half of 2022. It reached 185,548 vehicles, including 140,104 for the Tangier factory alone (Tang) and 45,444 for the Renault factory in Casablanca, that good old SOMACA still in operation practically since the independence of Morocco.

At the export level, the Group exported 154,559 vehicles, an increase of 10% compared to the same period last year. Commercially, Renault Group Morocco is consolidating its leadership to a large extent with 1 out of 4 vehicles sold in Morocco at the end of June 2023 in Morocco. This is normal with regard to Dacia and Renault vehicles, which respectively occupy 1st and 2nd place in the Moroccan market, with 23.7% market share for the Dacia brand and 16.6% market share for the diamond brand, i.e. 1.1 point of progress compared to the first half of 2022 and 18.1% market share in the isolated month of June.

Renault Group Morocco has what to maintain there, a privileged position on the national market, a status that all the other brands present in the Kingdom envy. At the end of June, the diamond brand places 2 models among the best-selling vehicles on the Moroccan market, all categories combined, namely the Express (1st) and the Clio (5th). In the C hatchback segment, the Megane consolidates its 1st place with 642 units sold and 21.4% segment share at the end of June.

This first half was also marked by the announcement of the assignment of Dacia Jogger, the brand’s latest model in thermal and hybrid versions (first time) to Morocco, at the Tangier plant from the second quarter of 2024. This brand new project reinforces the group’s confidence in the national industrial platform and confirms the introduction of Moroccan manufacturing electrification technologies announced in June 2021 during the renewal of agreements aimed at consolidating the Renault ecosystem.

These last six months have also been marked by two major announcements, namely the signing of the partnership agreement between Renault Group Morocco, the Ministry of Economic Inclusion, Small Business, Employment and Skills, and the Ministry of Industry and Trade aimed at supporting the OFPPT in the implementation of adequate training programs to support the evolution and development of the Moroccan automotive industry.

On the other hand, the signing of a memorandum of understanding between Renault Group, the Ministry of Investment, Convergence and Public Policy Evaluation, the Ministry of Digital Transition and Administrative Reform and the Moroccan Investment and Export Development Agency (AMDIE) for the creation of a Renault Group subsidiary in Morocco “Renault Digital Morocco”.

This new entity dedicated to the development of digital products and whose objective is to take charge of their development and maintenance for the various businesses of the group and its customers around the world. The new Moroccan subsidiary aims to innovate and deliver digital value, with expert and multidisciplinary teams who will participate in strategic development to sustainably transform the automotive industry and the mobility of tomorrow, it is still indicated.


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