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prices at the same level of the previous crop year

The prices of sheep and goats, in particular, sheep, at the level of the souks and cattle markets are at the same levels as those of the previous agricultural campaign at the same period of Aid Al-Adha, indicated on Friday, the ministry Agriculture, Maritime Fisheries, Rural Development and Waters and Forests.

“The implementation of measures to safeguard livestock as part of the program to reduce the impact of the rainfall deficit launched by the King in February 2022 and the improvement of pastoral and fodder resources since March have enabled a recovery in the live animal market compared to the situation before February when prices were particularly low”explains a press release from the ministry.

For fattening cattle, meat prices remain at the usual average levels, i.e. 62 to 65 DH/Kg ex slaughterhouse, specifies the same source.

As for the prices of poultry products, eggs have experienced a drop of 5 to 7% compared to 2020/2021 while the price of broiler chicken remains at 16 DH/Kg at the wholesale stage, the press release concludes.




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