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Price increases dealt with by a dedicated commission

Government spokesman Mustapha Baitasa new time, addressed the issue of rising prices on Thursday.

Faced with social discontent and the anger of Moroccans caused by a general rise in prices, the government finds itself once again forced to justify itself after broken promises in the context of the month of Ramadan. Last week, the government spokesman recognized a “failure” in controlling prices.

“All we can say is that the price has started to take a downward curve. The government will continue to work (…) in order to have a return to normal in terms of prices”, promised Mustapha Baitas at a press conference.

He assured that the subject of inflation took up the lion’s share of the discussions of the government meeting in council on Thursday.

And to announce that the Minister of the Interior with other ministers concerned by this file, “are examining at this very moment, within the framework of a dedicated commission, all the aspects related to inflation”.



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