Presentation of a series of “100% Moroccan” innovations

A series of “100% Moroccan” innovations developed by Green Energy Park (GEP) and its partners were presented on Monday in Benguerir (Rehamna province) during the inauguration ceremony of a new production line charging stations for electric vehicles.

The development of these innovative solutions adapted to the needs of the national and African market is part of the continuous and sustained efforts made by Green Energy Park to promote research results and support green entrepreneurship in Morocco.

Called “LiSOL”, the first innovation is an energy production, storage and management solution, mainly dedicated to residential customers.

This solution, which provides clean, stable and less expensive energy, is quick to deploy, easy to transport, secure and “Plug & Play”, explained its designers during this meeting.

LiSOL is thus presented in the form of an aesthetic and integrated Box and is easily connected to the photovoltaic solar generator and to the main network.

It allows consumers to store and manage their own energy up to 5kWh to reduce their dependence on the network and perfect adaptation to their needs in terms of power and storage capacity.

The second solution presented during this meeting concerns a Robot Photovoltaic Solar Panel Cleaner.

Called “OPV-Cleaner”, this system for cleaning photovoltaic solar panels, which is efficient in terms of water consumption, is an innovative robot equipped with a system for collecting and recycling the water used in cleaning.

To increase cleaning efficiency, the robot offers two types of cleaning: dry and wet. This cleaning solution for large-scale and residential photovoltaic systems is developed within GEP, the Institute for Research in Solar Energy and New Energies (IRESEN) and the Mohammed VI Polytechnic University (UM6P).

Regarding its advantages, its inventors explained that this system is equipped with a new technology of cleaning brushes based on epoxy fibers and has a brush that allows cleaning in two modes: with or without water.

This solution also saves water consumption by using a water recycling system used in cleaning.

The third innovation presented concerns a smart socket for home use.

Having an optimal management system, the “Smart Plug Home Automation” solution contributes to reducing energy consumption and adapting the operating programs of the electrical equipment according to the availability of solar energy.

This Smart Green socket has the characteristic of measuring and displaying the quantities of energy consumption on an integrated screen and takes care of the availability of solar energy as a priority.

It also has Wi-Fi communication to remotely control all the electrical devices plugged into the outlet.

The fourth solution concerns a 100% Moroccan Solar Water Heater with intelligent management of water consumption.

Called “Sol’R Shemsy”, this new water heater dedicated mainly to residential and service customers, provides domestic hot water at a low and unbeatable investment cost.

Easy to install, Sol’R Shemsy has different capacity ranges depending on the needs of the consumer and adapts its solar technology according to its geolocation in order to maximize its output.

This solution also features smart, connected control systems to monitor and evaluate consumer data in real time.

These innovations developed by a consortium made up of GEP, IRESEN and UM6P are in the commercial development stage, it is specified.



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