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Post-Covid: Debate around the role of the private sector in economic recovery in Morocco

The role of the private sector in the revival of the Moroccan economy was at the center of a debate-conference, organized Thursday under the theme “The development of the private sector in Morocco: challenges and perspectives in the context of the Covid pandemic- 19 ”.

Held by videoconference, this meeting aims to present the first tripartite report entitled “Private sector development in Morocco: challenges and opportunities in times of the Covid-19 pandemic”, the result of a collaboration of the African Development Bank (AfDB ), the European Investment Bank (EIB) and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD). On this occasion, the country manager of the ADB office in Morocco, Achraf Tarsim, noted that the report “marks the reflection on the role of the Moroccan private sector in the dynamics of growth, resilience and therefore economic recovery”. This aims to contribute to the implementation of the new development model (NMD) of the Kingdom and to dedicate its triple ambition of sustainable development, social progress and emergence, added Achraf Tarsim.

For her part, the head of the representation of the EIB in Morocco, Anna Barone, indicated that the Moroccan private sector has potential as a growth engine of the economy. Thus, Anna Barone said that the development of the private sector requires investment and that it is necessary to facilitate access to finance for the smallest businesses, especially those led by young people and by women and those that are found in rural areas. “Developing small businesses could accelerate the process of inclusion, which is not only financial but also social, for the entire population of Morocco,” she said.

Antoine Sallé de Chou, Director of the EBRD in Morocco stressed that the joint report fully supports the conclusions of the NMD. “Accelerating the transformation of the Moroccan economy towards a sustainable and inclusive model requires an increased mobilization of private investment,” he said. This post-Covid recovery phase is the perfect time to complete this transition from a model that was until now driven by public investment to a model that gives more room to private investment, he said. supported.

The presentation of the report was followed by a high-level discussion between personalities from the private sector and representatives of the three multilateral development banks and the European Commission. Discussions focused in particular on recommendations aimed at protecting the private sector and unlocking its potential. This with a view to supporting strong, resilient and inclusive growth in Morocco. With this first joint report, the AfDB, the EIB and the EBRD underline the full potential of the Moroccan private sector to become an even more essential player in the development of the Kingdom.




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