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Port traffic down 9.3% in February

The National Ports Agency (ANP), reported that the overall traffic of the ports it manages stood at 13.74 million tonnes (MT) in February 2023, down 9.3% compared to in the same month of 2022.

In a note on traffic for the month of February, the ANP specifies that this traffic is divided between import with 8.84 MT, down 6.6%, export with 4.41 MT (-14 .5%), import cabotage with 360,404 T (-21.1%) and export cabotage with 122,548 T (+21.3%).

By port, the distribution shows a domination of the ports of Jorf Lasfar and Casablanca with respective shares of 36.4% and 31.1%, followed by Safi (11.7%), Agadir (8.5% ), Mohammedia (5.7%), Nador (3.5%) and Laâyoune (2.5%).

With regard to the packaging method, the ANP indicates that dry bulk constituted 61.1% of overall traffic at the end of February 2023, ahead of liquid bulk (18.2%), containers (16.5%) and Ro-Ro (1.3%).



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