Popular brown bear shooting in Italy sparks outrage

Popular brown bear shooting in Italy sparks outrage

The shooting of Amarena, an endangered Marsican brown bear, in central Italy’s Abruzzo National Park has sparked outrage among Italian politicians and wildlife experts.

Amarena, a beloved bear known for her frequent appearances with her cubs, was fatally shot by a local man who claimed it was in self-defense as she entered his property.

However, authorities have strongly condemned the incident, stating that there was no justification for the killing, even if Amarena had caused previous damage.

Prosecutors are considering charges of animal killing, and a search is underway for her two cubs, who are at high risk due to their dependence on their mother.

The Marsican bear is a subspecies of brown bear that only lives in the central Apennine mountains, and is considered at an elevated risk of extinction.


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