Politicians, MPs and activists denounce ‘Palestinian extermination’ in Rabat demonstration

Politicians, MPs and activists denounce ‘Palestinian extermination’ in Rabat demonstration

In the presence of political personalities, parliamentarians, and a range of civil society activists, a stand in solidarity with the Palestine was organized this Saturday morning in front of the Palestinian Embassy in Rabat.

Participants called for “stopping the Zionist criminal attack on the Gaza Strip and on all parts of occupied Palestine.”

The Moroccan Association for Supporting the Palestinian Struggle, which organized the stand, described the aggression launched by Israel against the Gaza Strip a few days ago as a “brutal crime,” stressing that “Morocco, a state and a people, will always stand by the Palestinian people.”

In the speech delivered by its vice president, Abdelhafid Oualalou said that the Palestinian issue “will remain on the same level as the issue of our territorial integrity.”

“Whatever the differences, the Palestinian issue brings us together,” he stated, adding that “the Palestinian people are not isolated,” and that “the Moroccan people will always remain by their side.”

Palestinian ambassador to Rabat Jamal Al Choubaki said that the Palestinian people “are being subjected to genocide, under the watch and encouragement of the US administration and those who claim to defend humanity.”

Al Choubaki described the Israeli government as a “criminal fascist government,” criticizing its Western supporters for granting it the right of self-defense “to annihilate the Palestinian people, because they do not want to see a single Palestinian on the land of Palestine, and they want to deprive the Palestinian people of the struggle for their freedom and defense of their right to exist.”

The Palestinian ambassador strongly denounced the options that the Israeli government placed before the Palestinian residents of Gaza, which are “to immigrate, to be slaves, or to be killed,” stressing that Israel is continuing to implement this plan “as we speak.”

The Palestinian ambassador called on the international community to act immediately “to stop this hideous massacre and this aggression,” criticizing the West’s position “and its double standards.”

“In a place that says we are against the occupation, and takes hundreds of punitive measures against a country like Russia, while in Israel we see the American Secretary of Defense inside the operations room to kill Palestinian children.”

Al-Shoubaki pointed out that half of the population of Gaza, estimated at 2.5 million people, are children, which means that “all the American bombs and all their planes kill children,” pointing out that the number of children who have been killed so far in the Gaza Strip exceed 640 children.

The Palestinian ambassador thanked Moroccans for their continued support for the Palestinian people and their advocacy for their cause, saying: “We are certain that the Moroccan people, with their King and government stand with the Palestinian people, and we thank you and we need you.”

Nabil Benabdallah, Secretary-General of the Progress and Socialism Party said: “The Palestinians are not terrorists, but people struggling to regain their freedom.”

Benabdallah added in statements to reporters: “We came to say that, symbolically, politically, and emotionally, we will remain with the Palestinian people, and to tell the world to stop  brutal war and Zionist aggression against Palestine.”

The war launched by Israel on the Gaza Strip is “a barbaric attack that has nothing to do with humanity and international human right laws, and has nothing to do with self-defense, as Israel says, as much as it is an attempt to displace and annihilate the people of Palestine, eliminate Gaza, and silence the voice of Palestine,” said the Moroccan politician.

“How can the West, which praises human rights and has given us advice, orders and instructions for decades, stand today, not only as a spectator, but as a supporter of the war crimes committed by the Zionist occupation forces?!” wondered Benabdellah.

“The problem is not that the Palestinian people carry out operations for the sake of resistance and self-defense, but the problem is the occupation to which Palestine has been subjected for 75 years.”


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