Political parties must return 2.17 MDH to the TGR

Political parties must return 2.17 MDH to the TGR

The Court of Auditors urged the political parties to ensure compliance with the legal deadlines for the presentation of their electoral campaign accounts and to comply with the legal provisions concerning the obligation to create a bank account dedicated to the resources and expenses of each campaign. electoral.

In its annual report on the examination of the accounts of the electoral campaigns of political parties and candidates, the Court of Auditors revealed that the 28 parties benefiting from the contribution of the State have filed their campaign accounts with the Court. Of these parties, 14 met the set deadline of four months from the date of payment of the subsidy, while 14 others filed their accounts outside the set deadline.

They are the Reform and Development Party, the Democratic Forces Front, the Justice and Development Party, the United Socialist Party, the Democratic Society Party, the Social Democratic Movement, the Labor Party, the of the Renaissance, the Moroccan Greens Party, the Party of Progress and Socialism, the Democratic Party of Independence, and the Moroccan Liberal Party, the Party of the Democratic and Socialist Vanguard, and the Party of Istiqlal.

Thus, the financial support granted by the State to the 28 parties to finance their electoral campaigns during the elections of September 8, 2021 amounted to 157.66 million dirhams, i.e. 99% of the total amount of allocated credits set at 160 million. of dirhams.

Regarding the support not used by 18 parties, the Court of Auditors confirmed that the amount amounted to a total of 2,631,897.22 dirhams. In addition, seven parties returned a total amount of 1,282,723.35 dirhams to the Treasury, distributed as follows: The National Rally of Independents (1,071,704.16 dirhams), the Unity and Democracy Party (120,120 .47 dirhams), the Istiqlal Party (44,912.88 dirhams), the Environment and Sustainable Development Party (25,825.95 dirhams), the Popular Movement (8,375.94 dirhams), the Moroccan Liberal Party ( 6,783.95 dirhams) and the Hope Party (5,000.00 dirhams).

On the other hand, eleven parties did not return an amount of unused support estimated at 1,360,982.87 dirhams. These are the Reform and Development Party (405,559.94 dirhams), the Democratic Society Party (331,450.33 dirhams), the Constitutional Union (203,978.49 dirhams), the New Democrats Party (193,111 ,17 dirhams), the National Rally of Independents (82,996.24 dirhams), the Democratic Forces Front (41,680.00 dirhams), the Istiqlal Party (35,181.30 dirhams), the Hope Party (27,064.00 dirhams), the Socialist Democratic Renaissance Party (18,546.00 dirhams), the Authenticity and Modernity Party (11,809.00 dirhams) and the Popular Movement (9,606.40 dirhams).

According to the same source, the amount of support to be returned to the Treasury amounts to a total of 2.17 million dirhams, concerning 15 parties. These amounts are divided between unused support (1,360,982.87 dirhams for 11 parties), expenses unrelated to the electoral campaign (267,806.50 dirhams for 7 parties) and not justified by documentary evidence, as well as amounts not accompanied by supporting documents for which no support was granted (616,701.00 dirhams for 10 parties), after deduction of the amounts of own financing of the electoral campaigns provided by the parties concerned (72,056.84 dirhams).

In this sense, the Court of Auditors recommended that the political parties return the unjustified amounts of support to the Treasury, amounting to 2.17 million dirhams. Moreover, she called on the relevant departments of the Ministry of the Interior to continue their efforts to encourage the parties to return the amounts of support mentioned.

They are also invited to support the parties by regularly organizing targeted training sessions for their executives responsible for financial, administrative and accounting management. These training sessions aim to facilitate and strengthen the parties’ compliance with the legal and regulatory rules relating to the justification of expenditure linked to the State subsidy to finance their electoral campaigns, and to provide the related accounts.


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