Police make mass arrests of drug dealers, target crack

Police make mass arrests of drug dealers, target crack

112 people were detained on suspicion of taking part in the marketing of the Poufa drug, in a joint operation by the General Directorate of National Territorial Surveillance and the Moroccan National Security Services.

Moroccan security forces conducted operations to combat the drug in Casablanca, Settat, Rabat, Fez, Tangier, Laayoune, El Jadida, and Khouribga between the fourth of last August and the second of September of this year.

One kilogram and 413 grams of this substance were found during the joint operations.

The security interventions also targeted primary hubs for the promotion of the Poufa drug in the suburbs of the cities of Casablanca and Settat.

These interventions dismantled six active criminal networks in the smuggling and promotion of this drug in the regions of Darwa, Haraouine, Mediouna Rahma, and Bouskoura.

Additionally, 632 persons were detained on suspicion of taking part in the possession and promotion of various forms of drugs of abuse and psychoactive substances.

Among them are 479 individuals who were caught trafficking drugs and hallucinogenic tablets, as well as 153 people under national investigation.

28,639 narcotic medical tablets, 131,389 grams of hashish, together with 4,338 grams of cocaine, 1,208 bottles of alcoholic beverages, and 6,215 units of glue used in anesthesia, were all seized following the security operations.

In addition, 55 bladed weapons, tear gas bottles, a number of cars, cellphones, and a hunting weapon thought to have been utilized in these illegal acts were all recovered by national security officials.

These security operations focused on networks involved in the promotion of drugs and psychoactive substances of any sort, being one of the main factors in the development of violent criminal patterns that specifically target particular socioeconomic groups.


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