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Poland: Morocco destination strengthened by new air links to Agadir

New air links connecting several Polish cities to Morocco are planned for next October and November aimed at strengthening tourist activity in the Kingdom.

The Polish tour operator “Rainbow”, which on August 20 already launched a charter flight from Warsaw to Agadir, has scheduled a second flight on October 31 between Krakow (the second largest city in southern Poland) and Agadir, thus opening the winter season, marked by the trips of a large number of Polish tourists to the countries of the South including Morocco in particular the cities of Agadir and Marrakech.

The new link will be provided every Sunday by the Irish airline Ryanair in partnership with the ONMT. This flight will allow Agadir to accommodate a flow of 5,000 Polish tourists, during the winter of 2021-2022.

The same tour operator will launch on November 5, new flights departing from Warsaw, Poznan (West) and Katowice (South), the aim being to attract a large number of tourists eager for the landscapes of southern Morocco.

In total, “Rainbow” will unlock 4,700 seats to satisfy its customers with a seaside offer and visits to the imperial cities as well as the desert of the great South of the Kingdom.

The programming of these new flights follows the success of the Polish tour operator on the Moroccan market during the summer 2021 season.

On August 20, “Rainbow” launched a first flight to Agadir after an interruption of one and a half years, following the Covid19 pandemic, which allowed 190 Polish tourists to once again set foot on Moroccan soil, thus expressing their joy to come back to the Moroccan seaside resort.




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