Poland and Spain dismantle an international drug trafficking network

Poland and Spain dismantle an international drug trafficking network

Spanish and Polish law enforcement agencies have dismantled, with the support of the Europol agency, an international drug trafficking organization suspected of bringing large quantities of drugs into Poland hidden in fruit and vegetable trucks.

In a statement issued on Thursday, Europol said police in Spain and Poland seized more than 260 kilograms of marijuana, amphetamines and cocaine with a total market value of 2,925,400 euros.

In 2022, several actions were carried out against the members of this criminal organization, resulting in 42 arrests, including the leaders, says the same source.

On April 23, 2023, a series of coordinated raids were carried out in both countries, resulting in 14 arrests in Poland and 6 in Spain. More than half a million euros in various currencies were seized during these operations.

The first operation against this criminal organization took place a year earlier. In April 2022, the Polish Police Central Bureau of Investigation arrested 7 suspects who were bringing drugs into Poland. Investigators found 158 bags of marijuana in a shipment of potatoes they were transporting from Spain, while another 51 bags of marijuana were seized from the homes of the arrested suspects.

The evidence collected during the investigation revealed that this criminal organization was linked to the trafficking of 3 tons of marijuana with an estimated value of 30 million euros.

The criminals smuggled the drugs in refrigerated trucks from Spain to Poland, via the Netherlands and Germany. The investigation also found that the gang members had ties to hooligans from various sports clubs.

Europol’s support was decisive in the success of this operation. As part of its operational activities, Europol was able to obtain reliable intelligence on the activities of this drug trafficking organization.

In addition, Europol provided continuous intelligence development and analysis to support investigators in the field. During the action, Europol facilitated real-time coordination between all partners involved, ensuring quick tactical decisions to adjust strategy as needed.


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