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PLF-2022: Prioritized projects linked to the reform of the Administration

The Ministry of the Economy, Finance and Administration Reform (MEFRA) published the 2022-2024 triennial budget execution and macroeconomic framework report. It emerges that the draft finance law (PLF) for the 2022 financial year will give priority to the acceleration of projects related to the reform of the Administration.

According to the document, published on the MEFRA website, these projects relate in particular to the simplification of procedures, digitization, the operationalization of the national charter of administrative deconcentration as well as the variation of the charter of public services.

The Report thus underlines that at the same time, the government will look into accelerating the implementation of the provisions contained in the framework law relating to the reform of public establishments and enterprises (EEP).

And to specify that it is about the abolition of the EEP which no longer meet the conditions of their creation or whose existence no longer provides the required efficiency, the reduction of the subsidies granted to the establishments, and the correlation of this support with their performance and their commitment to achieve financial independence in the long term, as well as the creation of holding companies through the regrouping of a set of public establishments whose missions overlap or come together.

In addition, there is no doubt that the adoption of the law relating to the creation of the “National Agency for the strategic management of State holdings and monitoring of the performance of public establishments and enterprises” and the initiation of its implementation constitutes a qualitative leap in the success of this major reform of the EEP sector, further notes the report, which notes that in the same direction aimed at permeating the action of the State and its institutions with efficiency required, the government will work to rationalize autonomously managed state services (SEGMA) as well as special treasury accounts (CST), notably through the elimination of some and the consolidation of others.

In addition, the government will pursue the reform of the justice system as well as the implementation of the work of advanced regionalization while strengthening territorial governance. Also, efforts will be made to strengthen the integrity system and the fight against corruption.

On the other hand, this report indicates that the determination of the 2022 budget balance takes into account the major issues related to the management of public finances and recommends a controlled and rational management of public expenditure in accordance with certain requirements concerning staff expenditure, of operation and investment.

The reform of the public sector and the strengthening of governance mechanisms is an essential axis for the success of all the ambitious projects in which Morocco is committed, namely the revision of the development model, the generalization of protection. social as well as strengthening investment in human capital.




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