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Plenary session for the 17th anniversary of the installation of the AH2ST

The Hassan II Academy of Sciences and Techniques (AH2ST) celebrates, on May 18, 2023, the 17th anniversary of its installation by King Mohammed VI. On this occasion, it organized an anniversary plenary session around the “Scientific and technological obstacles of green Hydrogen in Morocco”.

The objective of this anniversary session, organized in partnership with the Moroccan cluster on green hydrogen and the Institute for Research in Solar Energy and New Energies (IRESEN), is to draw up an inventory of progress in the scientific and technological research on critical elements of the green hydrogen value chain and relevant applications for Morocco by 2035.

It is also a question, according to the organizers, of identifying avenues for research and encouraging national researchers to work on the subject, as well as presenting the various approaches in progress and the first successes in this field at the international level.

Green hydrogen is a clean energy carrier that can play an important role in Morocco’s energy transition, it is noted, noting that as a developing country, Morocco faces significant energy challenges, including the dependence on imported fossil fuels and the resulting greenhouse gas emissions.

Green hydrogen can help meet these challenges by offering a clean and sustainable alternative. In addition, green hydrogen can also be used to store excess energy produced by intermittent renewables like solar and wind, which could help solve the problem of the intermittency of these energy sources.

Similarly, the Royal Guidelines insist on the importance of developing an optimized value chain for green hydrogen, from the production of the molecule from renewable energies to its use in the various fields of the economic sector. .

In this regard, the Sovereign chaired a working meeting on November 22, devoted to the development of renewable energies and new perspectives in this field, and gave his high instructions to draw up, as soon as possible, an operational and incentive “Morocco Offer”, covering the entire value chain of the green hydrogen sector in Morocco, and which must include, in addition to the regulatory and institutional framework, the diagram of the necessary infrastructures.

The King had also given his directives “with a view to accelerating the development of renewable energies, in particular solar and wind energies, in order to place Morocco in the club of countries with high potential in this sector of the future, and to respond to the multiple projects led by investors and world leaders”.

Morocco, which has significant potential for renewable energies, has set itself the objective of developing a competitive national green hydrogen sector (hydrogen with low carbon intensity), and of using this vector to store hydrogen. renewable and intermittent energy.

The establishment of this sector also aims to position and promote the Kingdom as a leading regional hub in the export of hydrogen and its derivatives. By using these energy sources to produce green hydrogen, Morocco could not only reduce its dependence on fossil fuels, but also become an exporter of green energy.



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