Plan against riots in stadiums… social treatment is topical

Abdelouafi Laftit, Minister of the Interior, recently announced that “the competent authorities in charge of the file against the riots in the stadiums” have drawn up a global strategy for the implementation of the fight against violence committed during or on the occasion sporting events, as part of an integrated approach dealing with the legal, security, disciplinary and organizational aspects of the matter.

These measures include the strengthening of capacities for monitoring and organizing the various sports competitions as required by the responsibility to ensure the safety and security of all citizens, whether inside or outside the stadiums. . The Minister of the Interior, in a response to a written question in the House of Representatives, had declared that “the central committee responsible for monitoring the question, which includes the various sectors concerned, has recently devoted itself to the study of ‘a set of proactive measures to prevent the occurrence of such events’.

Abdelouafi Laftit also indicated that among these measures are the rehabilitation of sports stadium infrastructure, the involvement of clubs in the management of security and interviews, the modernization of ticketing, as well as the supervision of the movement of supporters of visiting teams between prefectures and regions.

According to the sovereign official, who intervened at the beginning of the week in the hemicycle of the House of Representatives, the cases of violence in the stadiums, although they are excessively publicized, remain limited, even exceptional. “Of the more than 230 national competitions and the 1,200 regional ones that take place each week, the figure remains insignificant. The sociology researcher Mustapha Benzeroual declared for his part, that ” what was happening in the Moroccan stadiums was only a manifestation of sporadic violence that could not be put on the level of a phenomenon that spreads out in time and space. Rather, they are isolated incidents that can in no way reflect reality and be generalized or exaggerated. »

The sociology researcher stated in a somewhat humorous tone that “the nature of our stadiums lends beyond the function of encouragement and entertainment to other interpretations, including advocacy, protest and opposition, against certain practices which may be restrictive or overshadow the role of the pom – cheerleader, lawyer and lover ».

Attitudes according to Mustapha Benzeroual who often express dissatisfaction and anger through behavior that tends towards violence or even vandalism. Our expert further pointed out that “ the security approach alone has never been a solution to the problem of violent incidents, but rather the problem must be approached in its structure, because violence in stadiums has its sources in other social phenomena and cannot be isolated from manifestations of the structural educational and social crises that furnish the general social landscape”.

Benzeroual pointed out that “violence in the stadium is no different from other types and forms that we find at school, in the streets and even in the media. For the observer and researcher, there is a credo namely, ” that listening to young people in the stadiums is an essential priority to combat violence from its roots, listening to their claims, appreciating their expressions and customs and respecting their symbolic principles are essential for the development of this category of the population. It is field work to which we must submit “.

The interlocutor continued to close: “Among the findings that can be noted today, when we are talking about the security approach, is the mention of certain initiatives aimed at consolidating the communication links between those responsible for security in the stadiums of a part, and the parties or those in charge of supervising the masses and the supporters”. A moral, cultural and political value is more effective and salutary to address the manifestations of violence in Moroccan stadiums than an approach immersed in security control.



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