Peruvian Congress calls on President Dina Boluarte to rethink position on Sahara

Peruvian Congress calls on President Dina Boluarte to rethink position on Sahara

Of the contentions is Pedro Castillo’s stance on the Western Sahara matter, who leaned favourably towards the Polisario Front. This diplomatic alignment thrust Peru into a bitter crisis with its longstanding ally, Morocco. The tensions persist even after Castillo’s arrest and removal from power.

In a letter directed to Peruvian President Dina Boluarte, Patricia Chirinos, Chairwoman of the Peruvian Congress Defence Committee, implored the head of state to swiftly reassess Peru’s position on the Western Sahara issue.

Chirinos pressed for a dissociation of Peru from the SADR, considering the shared history and interests between Peru and Morocco. Notably, Morocco’s King Mohammed VI’s groundbreaking 2004 visit to Peru marked a turning point in bilateral relations.

Chirinos underscored the urgency of reestablishing harmonious relations between Rabat and Lima, especially as the nations approach the significant milestone of sixty years of uninterrupted bilateral ties.

The historical tensions stemming from Peru’s recognition of the SADR in 1984 were acknowledged, but the suspension of this recognition in 1996 marked a potential opening for enhanced cooperation.

Miguel Angel Rodriguez Mackay, former Peruvian Minister of Foreign Affairs, echoed the sentiments of Congress. He advocated for Peru to emulate the pragmatic stance taken by prominent nations like the United States, Spain, and Israel, which recently recognized Morocco’s sovereignty over the Western Sahara.

Ricardo Sanchez Serra, Vice-President of the Federation of Peruvian Journalists, echoed Chirinos’ plea through a supportive tweet. In his column, Sanchez Serra deplored Peru’s alignment with a group he considered a terrorist entity with human rights violations, urging the country to prioritize bolstering relations with Morocco and pursuing a positive-neutral stance within the UN regarding Morocco’s territorial integrity.


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