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Peru: Justice rejects request for release of former president Pedro Castillo

Peruvian justice on Tuesday rejected the request for release of former President Pedro Castillo, accused of “rebellion” and conspiracy “after his attempt to dissolve the National Assembly, who will therefore remain in prison.

“Declares unfounded the appeal brought by the defense” of the dismissed president, arrested on December 7, indicated judge César San Martin while reading his decision, during a televised hearing.

The court rejected the appeal, considering in particular that the failure of Castillo’s coup attempt did not exempt him from the crime, stressing that by wanting to “establish an exceptional government, he wanted to alter the constitutional order”.

The court also recalled that the former president had sought to flee to seek asylum at the Mexican embassy.

According to a judicial source, the Court also considered that the crime of rebellion is a crime of “common law” and therefore anyone can be prosecuted without the need for a preliminary hearing, as the lawyers had claimed. of the former president.

On December 7, the 53-year-old left-wing president ordered the dissolution of Parliament but was not followed by the army and the parliamentarians voted, by a large majority, for his dismissal for “moral incapacity”.

Arrested a few hours later, Pedro Castillo was placed in pre-trial detention for seven days at the request of the prosecution.

This deadline expires on Wednesday, but the prosecution should request an extension before Wednesday 1:00 p.m., said the same judicial source.



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