Pedro Sanchez salutes the work of Moroccan law enforcement

This Friday, June 24, some 2,000 sub-Saharan migrants tried to force their way into the enclave of Melilla from Morocco. On the sidelines of the European summit in Brussels, the Spanish Prime Minister, Pedro Sanchez, hailed the response and the reactivity of the Moroccan security forces who faced seriously this attempted penetration.

In a statement to the press on the sidelines of the European Council meeting held this Friday in Brussels, the Spanish Prime Minister, Pedro Sanchez, expressed his absolute solidarity with the Moroccan and Spanish security forces, some elements of which were injured during attempted assaults.

Sanchez also thanked Morocco for its exceptional cooperation in the fight against irregular migration, stressing the importance of maintaining good relations with Morocco, as a strategic ally of Spain.

Likewise, the Spanish Prime Minister pointed out that the Kingdom is also suffering from the flow of migrants from the African Sahel region.

It should be recalled that some 2,000 illegal migrants from sub-Saharan Africa stormed the fence separating Nador and Melilla on Friday.

According to local authorities, the migrants used very violent methods, causing more or less serious injuries to 140 members of the security forces, 5 of whom were seriously injured. In addition, 76 migrants were injured, 13 of them seriously.

During this operation, 5 migrants were killed as a result of a stampede and some of them even fell from the top of the fence.



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