Pedro Sánchez officially elected as Prime Minister

Pedro Sánchez officially elected as Prime Minister

Socialist leader Pedro Sánchez was re-elected as Spain’s prime minister in a parliamentary vote on Thursday, winning another term in office after a snap election in the summer proved inconclusive.

Sanchez had 179 votes in favour and 171 against, with no abstentions. Sánchez was supported by the deputies of his Spanish Socialist Workers’ Party (PSOE, 121), Sumar Movement (31), Catalan Republican Left (ERC, 7), Together for Catalonia party (7), Bildu (6), Basque Nationalist Party (PNV, 5), Galician Nationalist Bloc (BNG, 1) and the Canarian Coalition (CC, 1).

Sanchez’s candidacy was rejected by the deputies of the Popular Party (PP), Vox and the Navarrese People’s Union.

On October 3, Spain’s King Felipe VI tasked outgoing Socialist Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez with forming the next government.

The move comes just four days after right-wing opposition leader Alberto Nunez-Feijoo failed in his own bid to win parliamentary support to be inaugurated as prime minister.

The PP came first in the early general elections of July 23 with 32.91% of votes and 137 seats in the Congress of Deputies, followed by PSOE that harvested 31.75% of votes per cent and 121 seats.


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