Peace agreements with Arab nations “on hold until Hamas is defeated”

Peace agreements with Arab nations “on hold until Hamas is defeated”

All peace agreements between Israel and the Arab region are currently “on hold until Tel Aviv concludes its conflict with the Palestinian Hamas movement,” Lior Ben Dor, a spokesperson of Israel’s Foreign Ministry, told MoroccoLatestNews, referring to the Negev 2 Summit in Morocco and ongoing normalization efforts with Saudi Arabia.

“Tel Aviv has no issue with the presence of nations that support the Palestinian people while simultaneously condemning terrorism, much like the Kingdom of Morocco,” the diplomat noted.

Ben Dor further emphasized that Tel Aviv will not assist what he referred to as “terrorists” from Hamas in their aspirations, asserting that “this attack against our land has only strengthened our determination to repel them, and we will not cease until we achieve that.”

The diplomat called on Arab countries to support Israel against “terrorism” and urged different nations genuinely aspiring for peace in the region to condemn what he referred to as “terrorist acts.”

A planned visit by US Secretary of State Antony Blinken’s to Morocco and Saudi Arabia is also heading for postponement.

“Blinken was planning a tour in the Middle East, which included Israel, Saudi Arabia, and Morocco, but these plans were suspended after the outbreak of the October War,” the Associated Press agency (AP), citing three American officials.

On Wednesday, Nasser Bourita, the Minister of Foreign Affairs presided over an extraordinary meeting of the Arab League Council at the foreign ministers’ level to discuss the situation in Palestine.

During the meeting, Bourita emphasized Morocco’s commitment to a just and comprehensive peace based on legitimate international decisions as a strategic imperative. He also expressed deep concern over the violent events that began on October 7, 2023, and the unprecedented level of violence accompanying them, warning that the situation could escalate into an unpredictable and grave stage.


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