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Participation at 52% according to the provisional results

The participation rate in the legislative, regional and municipal elections of May 13 in Mauritania reached 52%, according to the provisional results communicated Sunday by the Independent Mauritanian Electoral Commission (CENI).

More than 1.78 million Mauritanian voters went to the polls on Saturday to elect 176 members of the National Assembly (parliament), 238 communal councils and 13 regional councils.

During the electoral campaign which took place from April 18 to May 12, these political parties presented 1,378 municipal lists with a representation of 32.57% of women, 145 regional lists with a female presence of 35.10% and 559 parliamentary lists with a percentage of 36.73% women.

Under these deadlines, the government and the Mauritanian parties have agreed to adopt the one-round proportional voting system. The presidents of the regional councils and the mayors will be the heads of the lists having obtained the greatest number of votes cast.



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