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Participating delegations on a war footing

The international military delegations that will participate in the African Lion 2022 (AL22) exercises which are to take place between June 20 and July 1 – the largest on the continent – are arriving one by one in Morocco. But not only, since The large-scale event is expected to take place also and in parallel in Senegal, Tunisia and Ghana, where training will range from battalion-level operations to humanitarian and medical missions, as well as training for security forces.

U.S. Africa Command’s first and largest exercise is part of a multinational training mission with African partners and NATO allies. Its maneuvers will include for the second successive time the region of Mahbes in our southern regions and are organized jointly with the United States.

Eighteen (18) other countries are participating in these exercises which will contribute to strengthening the strategic figure of the Kingdom in the north of the African continent and to consolidating its sovereignty in the Sahara. Various activities fall within the framework of these maneuvers, in particular training related to land, airborne, air and naval operations, assignment of part of the armies to the fight against violent terrorist organizations whose actions have multiplied in South Africa North.

The objective of this international event “African Lion 2022 (AL22)” includes, in addition to training on the aspects of several operational areas including CBRN decontamination exercises (Nuclear, Radiological, Biological and Chemical). The AL22 exercise also aims to develop technical and procedural interoperability between the Royal Armed Forces (FAR) and the forces of the participating countries as well as training on the planning and conduct of joint operations in a multinational framework. is it said in a press release.

In addition to Mahbes, in Morocco the regions of Agadir, Tan Tan, Taroudant, Kenitra and Ben Guérir will also host the “African Lion 2022 (AL22)” exercise. Of this 2022 flood Major James Guglielmi, SETAF-AF Foreign Area Officer, said the upcoming exercise will extend beyond the scope of the 2021 training event. AL22 is the first joint multinational exercise in the AFRICOM area of ​​responsibility. It will be better and bigger than last year, and it will be the best exercise yet. “.

AL22 will include US Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine Corps forces, as well as 20 nations. To do so, thousands of soldiers from North and South America, Europe and all over Africa are heading to Morocco, Senegal, Tunisia and Ghana for the LA22, scheduled for 20 to 1er July. More than 7,500 soldiers from 13 countries will participate in the joint exercise with a financial envelope of 16 million dollars, in partnership with the United States Defense Agency.

However, as for the equipment of the largest exercise of the US Africa Command in Africa, it left the port of Livorno on May 29 on board the USNS Yuma for the destinations where the AL22 will take place. . But this is only a small part of the thousands of tons of logistics heading to their ports via the Mediterranean and the Atlantic Ocean. The shipments include hundreds of vehicles and military equipment, as well as supplies for associated humanitarian relief events.




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