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Paris-Algiers, a new crisis threatens Abdelmadjid Tebboune’s visit to Paris

Relations between Algeria and France are once again in a state of flux after yet another looming crisis. The last resolution on human rights in Algeria voted in the European Parliament does not pass in Algiers, and it is France that is held responsible.

The clashes are repeated and resemble each other between Algiers and Paris, which maintain unstable and complicated relations. After the last crisis which dates only from the beginning of the year, in February more precisely, because of the exfiltration of the Franco-Algerian activist Amira Bouraoui, here is that in May a new episode comes to tear a stammering reconciliation.

And for good reason, the crisis of Amira Bouraoui for which Algeria used extremely strong words, in particular that of the violation of national sovereignty, caused the postponement of the visit of the Algerian Head of State Abdelmadjid Tebboune in France to relaunch his political career and get a head start for the 2024 presidential elections.

Prior to this expected visit, the khaki regime stirred up Algerians from France to demonstrate “for” the junta in place and insult, in passing, Morocco and its symbols. A publicity stunt in the service of the “candidate Tebboune”.

The Algiers regime quickly understood that it was not in its interests to blur its relations with France, which made so many concessions to appease the Algerian leaders. It was France that came to the rescue of Algeria when it was threatened with inclusion on the list of countries helping to maintain the Russian war machine in Ukraine.

Despite the severity of the reproaches made in the Amira Bouraoui episode, the Algerian president’s visit to Paris had to be maintained. Postponed for the first time, then fixed for May, it was postponed to June. Only, a new psychodrama has come to manhandle the high-flying relations that characterize France and Algeria.

Relations distinguished by more lows than highs, and which have entered a new episode of ups and downs since the Algerian leaders made France take responsibility for the European Parliament resolution against Algeria on the subject of human rights , voted on May 11.

Algiers is furious not only against the European Parliament, but above all against the Macronist deputies who sit in the Strasbourg institution, in a context of warming relations between Algeria and France and at a time when the two countries are struggling to prepare the President Tebboune’s visit to Paris”, recognizes the Algerian information site TSA, close to power.

The media which cites anonymous sources is close to the current secretary general of the Algerian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Amar Belani, who once dreamed of replacing Ramtane Lamamra as head of Algerian diplomacy.

According to this source, “The Macronist deputies in Parliament initiated and adopted the resolution. They took the opportunity to attack Algeria. This is unacceptable “. It is therefore an attack directly directed against President Emmanuel Macron and his party.

To defend itself, Algeria sent a response through its Parliament to question the credibility of the elected members of the European Parliament, accused of corruption in the Qatargate affair.

The Council of the Nation, the Algerian Senate denounced a “interference in Algerian affairs”, for its part the APN, the lower house of the Algerian Parliament said to itself “entitled to be surprised at the practices of a parliamentary institution whose credibility is tainted by corruption and bribery scandals”.

Above all, this resolution plunges Franco-Algerian relations into a new crisis, since Algeria is convinced of the involvement of deputies affiliated with President Emmanuel Macron’s party. She “arouses questions, misunderstanding and even anger”indicates the same source.

As a reminder, the resolution of the European Parliament was approved by an overwhelming majority of with 536 votes “for” and only 4 “against” and 18 abstentions. It called on the member countries of the European Union to strongly and unanimously condemn the repression of press freedom in Algeria, while calling on the Union delegation and the embassies of EU countries accredited in Algiers to request access to imprisoned journalists and to attend their trial.



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