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Parents on a crusade against the Balzac school

Breach of trust, concern, dismay… Parents in Kenitra are concerned after a teacher decided to share offensive and unhealthy content with their children. They decided to file a complaint with the city prosecutor’s office. Details.

In a statement addressed to public opinion and of which MoroccoLatestNews holds a copy, the chairman and lawyer Me Abderrahim Jamai, the defense of the plaintiffs, indicated that the Honoré de Balzac school in Kenitra, part of the establishments of the French mission abroad, has experienced a dangerous phenomenon affecting children’s rights.

It is, he says, a teacher’s indoctrination and presentation to students of information about homosexuality, ” characterized by orientation towards attitudes that touch on the image and symbols of Islam and affect their religious belief, inviting them to accept concepts of a homosexual nature and spreading perceptions of abnormal tendencies that praise relationships between people of the same sex…“.

For the children’s rights activist, this is what the laws consider as serious aggressions on children, which affect their cultural identity, their social environment and their psychological stability“. They are, he continues, subjects which are not suited to their age, nor to their moral and intellectual capacities, and as children, they are unable to discuss these subjects, to understand their meanings and their effects or to formulate an opinion. .

Me Jamai specifies that the case was presented to the judicial authorities of Kenitra, the public prosecutor, for his part, took the file in hand and ordered the opening of a preliminary investigation, ” which reassured the parents and families, who are, despite everything, concerned about the behavior of the teacher and the negligence of the school administration, but also worried about the repercussions on the future of their children“.

Further, the defense attorney explains that school officials appeared to be hesitant and lacking in firmness about what had happened, which may be ” understood as a position of incitement to these practices or a protection of the teacher and this is what should be discovered by the investigations in progress“.

This calls for firmly addressing all threats to the rights of the child, which are protected by the Constitution and the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child ratified by Morocco and repeatedly placed by the Presidency of the Public Ministry as one of its priorities in the fight against all forms of exploitation and violence against children, he added.

There is no doubt that the procedure under the responsibility of the public prosecutor will continue, regardless of the pressure that some may try to exert so that justice does not have its last word in the matter.“, concludes Me Jamai.

On the other hand, parents reacted when their children approached them for further information on the topic or to question them about the normality of the topic or content being presented.

It should be noted that the official complaint was filed by the lawyer on February 27, 2023 after the parents had tried numerous times, since December, to alert the administration of the school as well as its officials of the behavior of the teacher, an alert that was ultimately not taken seriously and forced them to take action.



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