O’Vert Dose, your new series of 100% ecological articles that alerts, deciphers, and makes you feel guilty

Global warming is finally being talked about. Melting ice, disappearance of plant and animal species, disruption of human living conditions, amplification of extreme weather events, rising sea levels, less nutritious food, and many other problems related to this imbalance have become a global concern. over the past decades.

It is estimated that if these changes continue, the fauna and flora will gradually cease to exist, until the day when Man will no longer exist in turn.

Although we have already caused great damage to the climate and the ecosystem, it is not too late to reverse the course of events, or at least limit and reverse the damage.

But before acting, we must understand!

In an eco-citizen approach, MoroccoLatestNews UK will publish O’Vert Dosea series of articles whose aim will be to explain what ecology and global warming are, to raise awareness of environmental issues, to explain the science behind these phenomena, to decipher ecological news, to give advice for a greener way of life, and finally offering solutions to start acting quickly and effectively.

O’Vert Dose will also highlight Morocco’s experience in terms of ecological transition. Let us recall that Kingdom occupies a leading position at the African and Arab level in the field of environmental protection, and this, through its ambitious objectives in terms of development of renewable energies, reduction of greenhouse gases and environmental protection, but also by its strong participation in international efforts to combat this alarming problem.

O’Vert Doseyour small dose of eco-info!



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