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Over 800 illegal migrants intercepted overnight

The good weather encourages illegal immigrants to “take off”. In this sense, the Tunisian authorities announced on Tuesday that they had foiled no less than 20 irregular migration operations to Europe across the Mediterranean and intercepted 805 people in one night alone.

The units of the National Guard in Sfax (south) and those of Mahdia (east) succeeded, on the night of May 5 to 6, in defeating 19 operations to illegally cross maritime borders and rescue 782 sub-Saharans, indicates in a communicated, the spokesman of the Tunisian National Guard, Houssem Eddine Jebabli.

And to add that “the floating units under the maritime district of the National Guard of Nabeul also, in the same night, rescued 23 Tunisian migrants as part of an illegal crossing operation”, noting that legal measures will be taken. against them.

It should be noted that Tunisia has experienced since the beginning of 2022 a remarkable increase in irregular migratory flows towards Europe, in particular towards the Italian coasts.



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