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Over 231,000 candidates have passed the ordinary session of the standardized national exam

A total of 231,272 candidates enrolled in public and private education passed the tests for the ordinary session of the standardized national exam for obtaining the 2022 baccalaureate.

In a statement, the Ministry of National Education, Preschool and Sports, indicates that the success rate reached 66.28%, against 68% for the same session of the year 2021, noting that the number of candidates girls to have passed this year’s test is 132,258.

The pass rate for girls constitutes 70.87% of the total number of female students who passed the exam, while among the boys who passed the exam, the pass rate constitutes 61.01%, the ministry points out, adding that more than 171,000 male and female candidates will have to take the remedial session.

According to the same source, the number of candidates who obtained a mention between the educated and the free reached 137,486, a rate of 51%.

Thus, the student Zaid Lahrousi, from the Regional Academy of Education and Training (AREF) of Casablanca-Settat, physical sciences sector (French option) obtained the highest mark at the national level with 19.44 out of 20 , notes the press release.

The success rate for the international streams of the Moroccan baccalaureate reached 73.2%, while this percentage was 54.60% for the streams of the professional baccalaureate.

A total of 348,931 enrolled candidates took part in this session’s exams, with an attendance rate of 97.01%, compared to 323,022 candidates who appeared for last year’s session (95.15%).

The ministry notes that the number of free candidates who participated in this examination reached 118,894, with an attendance rate of 59.73%. The number of free candidates who passed the exam reached 36,582 with a pass rate of 30.77%.

A total of 171,519 candidates of both sexes, including 104,991 school-going candidates, will take the resit exams on July 15, 16, 18 and 19, 2022, the same source said, adding that the results will be announced on July 22, 2022.

The Ministry congratulates all the candidates who passed the exam for their efforts, acknowledging the strong involvement of parents in this important stage of their children’s school career.

Likewise, the ministerial department commended all educational and administrative executives, local, security and health authorities and all stakeholders, for their effective contribution to the success of this important national event.




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