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Over 200 mass shootings perpetrated this year

More than 200 mass shootings have been perpetrated this year in the United States, indicates the NGO Gun Violence Archive (GVA). This year, there have been 202 incidents in which four or more people other than the attacker have been killed, the NGO said.

The United States had passed the 200 mass shooting threshold in mid-May last year and the year before. In a shooting spree in Texas on Saturday, a gunman killed eight people and injured seven others before being shot dead by police.

The shooting in Texas was the second deadliest shooting this year, after that in Monterey Park, California, earlier this year, where 11 people were killed. US President Joe Biden has denounced the spate of recent shootings and urged Congress to act on gun control.

Last year, GVA recorded 647 mass shootings in the United States, resulting in a total of 20,200 gun-related deaths and nearly 40,000 injuries.



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