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Outsourcing: Four memorandums of understanding, more than 5,000 direct jobs at stake

The Minister of Industry and Trade, Ryad Mezzour, and the Minister of Digital Transition and Administrative Reform, Ghita Mezzour, chaired this Wednesday in Casaneashore, the signing ceremony of four memorandums of understanding relating to investment projects in the outsourcing sector.

These four memorandums of understanding aim to create 5,050 new direct and stable jobs by 2026 at several outsourcing sites in the Kingdom, including Tangier, Fez, Rabat, Casablanca and Agadir, with a total investment of more than 65 million dirhams. .

For Ryad Mezzour, “the outsourcing sector is experiencing real growth in this sustained industrial dynamic that is continuing in Morocco. With these new investments, the sector confirms its attractiveness, which it owes to the quality of its offer adapted to the needs of companies and the move upmarket of cutting-edge technologies, making the Kingdom one of the best technological and technical destinations”.

“Outsourcing thus further strengthens its place in the national economy as one of the most important providers of employment for our young people and a lever for regional development,” he added.

Through these memoranda of understanding, four international operators in the outsourcing sector will develop their activities in Morocco:

– NTT DATA MOROCCO: company specializing in IT engineering services, subsidiary of Nippon Telegraph and Telephone. It is the 6th largest IT services provider in the world, with 140,000 professionals operating in more than 50 countries. As part of the memorandum of understanding, NTT DATA MOROCCO undertakes to create 1,000 jobs.

– PHONEO: subsidiary of the FusionBPO group, the company specializes in offshore outsourcing in the field of BPO (Business process outsourcing), Front Office areas (incoming and outgoing calls, email, SMS) and Back Office (data entry, data processing). As part of the memorandum of understanding, PHONEO undertakes to create 2,000 jobs.

– CNEXIA: Based in Fez, the company specializing in customer relations, is a subsidiary of BELL CANADA, one of the main telecommunications companies in Canada. CNEXIA now has more than 800 employees. As part of the memorandum of understanding, CNEXIA undertakes to create 1,750 jobs.

– EIDS Morocco: Moroccan branch of EIDS. Its sector of activity concerns commercial management and the provision of outsourcing services. As part of the memorandum of understanding, EIDS Morocco undertakes to create 300 jobs.

These investments concern several outsourcing ecosystems, in particular BPO (Business process outsourcing) which concerns the outsourcing activity of a company’s processes or ITO (Information technology outsourcing) relating to the outsourcing of businesses related to TIC.

Other sectors are also affected by these ecosystems: ESO (Engineering service outsourcing) which covers engineering and R&D activities and KPO (Knowledge process outsourcing) which concerns the outsourcing of strategic activities with know” (analysis of sectoral data).

Note that the outsourcing sector is growing in the Kingdom, which is now among the top 3 destinations in Africa. The sector now employs more than 120,000 people, for an export turnover of 13 billion dirhams in 2021.




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