Ouahbi’s “direct and indirect” messages to his party’s parliament

Ouahbi’s “direct and indirect” messages to his party’s parliament

Abdellatif Ouahbi, Secretary General of the Authenticity and Modernity Party (PAM), took advantage of the meeting this Saturday of his party’s Parliament to send direct and indirect messages to all the parties, in order to clarify several questions and issues that have debate in recent months.

In the political aspect of his speech to the members of the PAM National Council, Ouahbi made a point of stressing the party’s clear position regarding its decision to remain in the government, which was the subject of debates and discussions in the political and media spheres recently.

The WFP continues to be part of the current government and will remain its biggest supporter, with responsibility and ethics, he assured, insisting that the tractor party will remain one of the most loyal and committed parties within the government alliance, and one of the most disciplined towards the constitution, government decisions and respect for the institution of the presidency of the government.

Ouahbi, who is Minister of Justice in the Akhennouch government, also underlined the ” courage and frankness of the discourse of the party leadership on the political scene, expressed responsibly and clearly in the statements of the Politburo.

All this does not compromise the government alliance, he said, referring to the party statement that sparked the crisis with the head of government, Aziz Akhannouch, president of the National Rally of Independents (RNI) party. .

He explained that educating WFP activists rejects duplicity and behind-the-scenes criticism. Activists pledge to respect and strictly implement government decisions, while retaining the right to comment on them freely and independently, he further stressed, in an attempt to justify the party’s position before parliament after the setback. and the dissatisfaction of WFP ministers with the treatment of the presidency of government in their sectors.

The PAM, Ouahbi continued, will continue to fully assume its responsibilities within the current government and will pay no heed to voices that bet on the failure of the government or avoid debate within constitutional institutions to spread populist rumors and bass on social media.

He also referred to the significant progress made by the current Executive in the implementation of the government program, particularly in the construction of the social State, the preservation of the dignity of citizens in the face of emerging economic crises, and the strengthening of citizens’ rights to decent housing by opposing real estate lobbies.

Ouahbi also stressed that the party continues to support freedoms and rights, in particular those of women, noting in this regard that the PAM is committed to freeing Moroccan women from political illusions, to fighting against poverty and guardianship , and to give them the place which belongs to them and which has been granted to them by religion, laws and nature.

In addition, the SG of the PAM also addressed a message to the activists of the party, criticizing those who gave up or showed surrealism, as well as those who lacked seriousness and responsibility. He defended the strict disciplinary measures taken by the Politburo to deal with these behaviors, referring to the expulsion of one parliamentarian and the suspension of three others.

These decisions reflect the true appreciation of the fundamental charter of the party, the correct implementation of the values ​​of integrity of partisan work and the image of PAM as a party of institutions, affirmed Ouahbi who underlined the importance of respecting the intelligence of militants, to honor commitments, to practice politics with seriousness and self-sacrifice, and to be faithful to the fatherland and to the higher interests of the party and its institutions.

In this sense, he announced that the party leadership will decide on other disciplinary measures, based on an in-depth study, in order to strengthen the party and protect it. These decisions, he believed, will allow the PAM to be a strong party on the national scene, respected as a group of faithful activists and respectful of their commitments, and to preserve the fundamental values ​​of the party.

In conclusion, Ouahbi also clarified that the time for loyalty to individuals and the powerful within the party is over, and that the time has come to make the party, its institutions and its tasks, a safe house against the opportunism and narrow self-interest, to the detriment of the interests of the fatherland and the party.


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