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Ouahbi will explain himself in the next few hours

Controversy around the lawyers' competition: Ouahbi will explain himself in the coming hours

The Minister of Justice, Abdellatif Ouahbi, will explain himself in the hours that follow around the controversy aroused by the results of the examination for access to the profession of lawyer.

The announcement was made Thursday by government spokesman Mustapha Baitas at a press conference following the Government Council.

“I spoke personally with the minister a few moments ago. He told me personally that he had a clear position on the subject and that he was going to explain it in the next few hours,” said Mustapha Baitas.

While the government was expected to react to this affair which is shaking public opinion, the spokesperson preferred to dodge questions from journalists who were asking for explanations as much on the statements made by the Minister of Justice, deemed “contemptuous” towards Moroccans, but also on the results of the exam.

The exam in question fails a majority of young people and shows the success of several other participants having family ties with elected officials, lawyers and magistrates, former ministers, and officials within the Ministry of Justice.



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