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Ouahbi outlines plans to reform the judicial system

The Minister of Justice, Abdellatif Ouahbi, exposed, Wednesday in Rabat, the projects of deep reform of the Moroccan judicial system, in front of an audience of ambassadors accredited in the Kingdom.

Speaking at the 112th edition of the Diplomatic Crossroads, Abdellatif Ouahbi addressed the priorities of the Department of Justice during his mandate, starting with the revision of several national laws dating from 1913 until today, in particular the Code of civil procedure, the Code of Criminal Procedure and the law governing prisons, stressing that Morocco experienced in 2011 a constitutional transition that these texts must accompany.

In this regard, he specified that the ministry has made several amendments to the Code of Criminal Procedure, in this case the adoption of the electronic bracelet and alternative penalties, as well as to the Code of Civil Procedure which will be submitted to Parliament during of the next two months.

The Kingdom, which has undertaken a profound reform of its judicial system, must succeed in this experience on the path to consolidating the democratic structure and respect for human rights, by advancing slowly but surely, he said. supported.

The protection of women’s rights is another important aspect, said the Minister, maintaining that several local jurisdictions have been set up to facilitate rural women’s access to judicial services, to available to around a hundred social workers to support them and facilitate communication, in addition to the presence of crèches near the new courts to facilitate the social life of female civil servants.

He also mentioned the increase in allowances granted by the Family Mutual Aid Fund to divorced mothers and the introduction of genetic expertise for the benefit of the children of single mothers to confirm the relationship with the father.

According to Abdellatif Ouahbi, the ministry also provides for the revision of the marriage and divorce procedure in the Family Code, the establishment of centers for the care of young drug addicts with the abandonment of legal proceedings in the event of recovery. and the removal of the criminal record of any detainee who obtained a professional diploma or doctorate during his incarceration in order to guarantee his social reintegration.

He also addressed the strengthening of guarantees of a fair trial, international cooperation in the fight against terrorism and the revision of texts on the exercise of the professions of lawyer, notary and judicial officer. .

During this meeting, which was attended by some forty diplomats from different countries, Abdellatif Ouahbi affirmed his department’s readiness to strengthen cooperation with the diplomatic corps accredited in Morocco on the legislative and legal levels, as well as the desire to learn from successful experiences in this area.

For his part, the President of the Diplomatic Foundation, Abdelati Habek, stressed that this meeting is an opportunity to shed light on the efforts made by the Kingdom for the consecration of the rule of law and to strengthen the spirit of international cooperation. in the field of justice.

This communication meeting, he said, should also have a positive impact on foreign investments in view of the confidence placed in the Moroccan judicial system.




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