Ouahbi facing the issue of migrant children and women

Ouahbi facing the issue of migrant children and women

The Minister of Justice, Abdellatif Ouahbi, during the delicate session of oral questions in the House of Representatives on Monday evening and in response to a parliamentary deputy on the question of the file linked to the return of migrant and unaccompanied children, accused certain countries of not wanting to cooperate.

Abdellatif Ouahbi, true to himself, first asserted that there were parties that politically exploited this issue, declaring: ” We have always wanted to deal very seriously with the issue of minors and unaccompanied children abroad. Unfortunately some countries that negotiate with us do not treat us reasonably.“.

The children of Moroccans and their protection are our responsibility, and this issue should not be used for political purposes. We have entered into negotiations and expressed our goodwill in order to resolve the problem, in vain, in front of those who handle this question. That’s a shame he replied.

In addition, the Minister of Justice answered another question on the obstacles encountered by divorced women and in obtaining alimony. He linked the improvement of Moroccan women’s rights to a change in society’s perception of them.

The Minister of Justice pointed out that “ his guardianship would reconsider the issue of alimony » adding thatit makes no sense for a man to marry in second and even third marriages when he does not pay the maintenance costs to the first wife he divorced “.

Abdellatif Ouahbi added: “ If we are not convinced in this country that women have the capacity to do their job like men, then we are not going to do nothing and stand still. I am convinced that the question is above all a question of conviction, and the day when we think that women are equal to men, these problems will all be solved “.

Regarding the timeframe for amending the Family Code, the government official said that “ Only the King has the power to decide when we start to change the Code, and he is the only one to determine the form and the rule, because the question is related to the situation of a society different from the surrounding one, and I cannot decide that. As a result, we cannot take the initiative and circumvent Her Majesty, who is the supreme authority in the matter. “.


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