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Operation Marhaba 2022: Kick-off this Sunday, June 5

Under the effective presidency of King Mohammed VI, the Mohammed V Foundation for Solidarity is launching the 2022 edition of the Marhaba operation to welcome Moroccans residing abroad, which starts on June 5, 2022.

This edition is marked by the implementation of the global reception system in Morocco, France, Italy and Spain, as well as the opening of new reception sites in Morocco to support the return members of the community whose attendance forecasts promise to be significant, indicates a press release from the Foundation.

The Mohammed V Foundation for Solidarity, which contributes to the operation with all national stakeholders, has activated 23 reception areas, specifies the same source.

The 17 operational reception sites in Morocco are located in the ports of Tanger Med, Tanger-ville, Al Hoceima and Nador, in the entrances of Bab sebta and Bab Mellilia, in the airports of Casablanca Mohammed V, Oujda Angad, Agadir Al Massira, Fez Saïss, Marrakech Menara and Tanger Ibn Battouta as well as in the Mediterranean, Jebha and Tazaghine rest areas.

This year, two new sites were opened at Rabat – Salé airport and at M’Diq (Smir) in the form of a rest area.

Abroad, the 6 Marhaba spaces are those located at the European ports of Genoa, Sète, Marseille, Motril, Almeria and Algeciras.

The usual social and medical assistance services, reinforced by the presence of social workers on board long-haul ships set up during the 2021 edition of the operation, will remain operational at the Marhaba reception sites deployed by the Foundation in Morocco and abroad.

A workforce of nearly 1,000 people including the Foundation’s teams, social workers, doctors, paramedical managers and volunteers are mobilized there to listen to Moroccans residing abroad, assist them and provide them with the necessary support and assistance.




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