Open days for the benefit of Moroccans around the world

On the occasion of the celebration of the National Day of the Moroccan community abroad, the SNRT received this Tuesday, August 9, at the headquarters of the Tamazight TV channel and Radio Amazighe, officials of associations of Moroccans residing in abroad, from Senegal, Spain, France, the Netherlands and Italy.

This event, which takes place within the framework of the activities of the open days of the SNRT initiated for the benefit of Moroccans around the world, aims to communicate and strengthen ties with these civil society actors, given the crucial role they play in supporting and guiding Moroccans around the world.

In addition to consolidating their unchanging attachment to their motherland, Moroccans around the world highlight the considerable efforts made by the channel ” Tamazight TV and its contribution to the promotion and dissemination of Amazigh culture and language, as an integral part of Moroccan culture and civilization and common good to all Moroccans, SNRT said in a statement.

On this occasion, the Central Directorate in charge of Amazigh programs at the National Society presented a presentation to the participants, in which the emphasis was placed on the national context of the creation of the channel ” Tamazight TV” in view of the importance that the Kingdom attaches to the Amazigh language, since the ascension of King Mohammed VI to the Throne, and the institutional context linked to the changes experienced by the audiovisual sector in Morocco and the significant legal and professional developments that have marked this structure, underlines the same source.

Also, the various participants learned about the work done and the tasks assigned to the chain “ Tamazight TV in the implementation of its commitments relating to programs dedicated to Moroccans around the world, through which it aims to address issues that concern MREs, taking into account the cultural, social and territorial diversity that distinguishes it, specifies the SNRT , in addition to its efforts in consolidating the presence of Amazigh culture and language among non-Amazigh speakers and encouraging Amazigh creativity in the fields of arts, knowledge and sciences, among others.

During a visit to the various editorial and production departments of the Tamazight channel, Moroccans around the world learned about the role played by the channel in promoting Moroccan culture, that of a well-rooted identity, and in the management of linguistic and cultural diversity in Morocco, underlines the same source, in this case of Amazigh through the mode of multitrack broadcasting in three components (Tachelhit, Tamazight and Tarifit), in addition to the establishment of the spelling ” tifinagh dedicated to the transcription of the Amazigh language.

Indeed, according to the same source, it is a local chain whose vocation is to highlight not only the common cultural and civilizational heritage, but also to work in favor of rooting without uprooting and the strengthening of identity ties that bind the Moroccan diaspora to its country of origin.

In addition, SNRT indicates that the various participants were able to discover the efforts made by Amazigh Radio to reach a wider audience through the diversity of its public service programs ranging from information, to culture, through programs of a social and religious nature, in the three components of the Amazigh language.

Similarly, emphasis was placed on the significant progress made in terms of communication with its listeners, since its creation in 1938, thus crowning its career by moving to a 24-hour broadcast, recalls SNRT, noting that this broadcasting has made it possible to anchor Radio Amazighe, as a local station par excellence, which responds to the aspirations of its listeners from different tributaries, in concretization of the linguistic diversity with which Morocco abounds.



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