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Opel plans to relocate to Morocco to the chagrin of its employees

In its restructuring policy, which began a few months ago, the German car manufacturer Opel plans to transfer part of its activity to the kingdom. The news was announced to employees at a recent meeting, German media noted, adding that officials were talking about increased costs.

In fact, car manufacturers are already experiencing shortages of parts, and in particular those of semiconductors, the impact of which maddens the most stubborn. This crisis continues to grow affecting the most powerful, and plant shutdowns are countless. Moreover Opel, the famous German brand distributed in Morocco by Auto Hall, announced that its factory in Eisenach (Germany) would close until 1er January 2022. ” There are growing indications that the upcoming reorganization of Stellantis, parent company of car manufacturer Opel is not only imminent, but that in some areas it is already being implemented illegally without prior information, advice and negotiation with workers’ representatives ”, denounce the unions. They announce that “legal measures have been taken “.

This is how Opel, would consider “moving trades from Rüsselsheim to Morocco” in Kenitra indicates a somewhat tender German press like the Hessenschau and Ntv media. The latter recall that this kind of decision is customary for Stellantis. The latter has the firm intention of separating from its two production plants in Rüsselsheim and Eisenach from Opel Automobile GmbH. The two infrastructures should be transferred to other legal and production organizations to allow Opel to relocate to Morocco, it is written. At the beginning of September, as a reminder, the Stellantis group signed an agreement with the Kingdom strengthening the industrial partnership started in 2015 which concerned the production of the Opel Rocks-e in Kenitra, alongside the Citroën Ami.

Suddenly, IG Metall, the powerful union that has since followed the affair, got involved. So he warned the automaker Stellantis that its German Opel sector would pay the price. IG Metall District Manager said on Friday that “ Stellantis must be aware that through the outsourcing and relocation plans and the transfer of activities to Morocco, the threat of a massive conflict looms on the horizon. “. In the meantime, Opel’s management and works council have turned a deaf ear and called on employees not to bring these disputes to the press, even if the reason is, the known threats of job relocation in Morocco. It doesn’t happen every day at Opel that management and works council issue a joint statement calling on their employees to be careful when dealing with company information in public.

But Opel does not only have these worries as the automaker faces a “series of challenges,” according to the statement signed by human resources director Ralph Wangemann and the chairman of the general works council, Uwe Baum. To alleviate the tension of the event it is said, “in such moments, it is not uncommon for there to be different positions between the social partners”. These differences of opinion must be “exchanged and negotiated in the interest of good social dialogue – internally”. Almost two years ago, Opel sold part of its development center as well as the Rodgau-Dudenhofen test track to strategic partner and service provider Segula Automotive. 700 employees were laid off. Segula quickly hired a few, but in these lean times, she began to cut dozens of jobs, the reason we guess little work for the workforce.




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