ONSSA launches sheep and goat identification operation

Under the aegis of the Ministry of Agriculture, Maritime Fisheries, Rural Development and Waters and Forests, the National Food Safety Office (ONSSA) is launching the operation to identify sheep and goats intended for at Eid AI-Adha 1443 (2022) throughout the national territory.

Performed free of charge for the benefit of all fattening breeders, this operation consists of placing on one of the animal’s ears a yellow earring bearing a serial number unique to each animal bearing the words ” عيد الاضحى (Eid Al-Adha).

In a press release, ONSSA stressed that the identification of sheep and goats intended for slaughter for Eid AI-Adha allows citizens to acquire identified animals, thus facilitating their traceability if necessary.

In addition to this identification operation and with the approach of Eid Al Adha, ONSSA claims to strengthen the control and monitoring of the preparations for this event, which includes in particular the control of the quality of drinking water. , animal feed, drugs used on farms and fattening units as well as the movement of poultry droppings which is conditional on obtaining a pass from the ONSSA veterinary services in order to to follow their traceability.

Ains, and on the occasion of Aïd AI-Adha 1442 (2021), approximately 7.2 million heads of sheep and goats were identified, ONSSA said in its press release, noting that since January 2022, veterinary services of ONSSA have registered more than 242,000 sheep and goat breeding and fattening units.

In addition, ONSSA reported that the monitoring of the state of health is permanently ensured by its veterinary services throughout the national territory, in close collaboration with the mandated health veterinarians and the support of the local authorities.



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