One more lie from the Algerian regime

One more lie from the Algerian regime

Algerian media have accused Morocco, France and Israel of holding consultations to “destabilize” Algeria. Absurd and strange information, commented Algerian researcher Anouar Malek who considered that it was simply “a scenario” to organize President Abdelmadjid Tebboune’s communication campaign for the 2024 elections.

“That cannot be true. It never happened, there was no meeting or anything at all”he declared from the outset before analyzing all the inconsistencies contained in this fake news propagated by the Algerian media.

According to him, if the information was really true, “those who have a relationship with this information should be punished for high treachery”, explaining that such sensitive and secure information should not end up in the press and that the Algerian state is not aware of it.

The information referred to by the Algerian researcher and opponent was disseminated by several Algerian media, including the Arabic newspaper Al Khabar and Expression, which allegedly received the same message and the same directives.

Al Khabar reported that there would have been a meeting in Israel on Monday May 29 between Israeli, French and Moroccan intelligence services “to create discord in 4 Algerian Wilayas”.

The publication adds that “the only point” on the agenda of this supposed meeting was “the destabilization of Algeria” and indicates that “Algiers has succeeded in breaking the series of normalization with the Zionist entity which is trying to tighten its grip on the Arab world and control its resources”.

At the bottom level, “there are oddities and strange things”declared the Algerian opponent, explaining that it is absurd that the Moroccan and French intelligence services make this trip to Israel to discuss only one point which would be Algeria.

Anouar Malek felt that this case was not “no more and no less than a screenplay” set up to strengthen the popularity of President Abdelmadjid Tebboune in view of the presidential election of 2024.

The Algerian media, underlined that Algeria “watch over the protection of its national sovereignty and insist on responding as equals to all those who have dared to humiliate the country or insult the dignity of its people”.

In response, Anouar Malek felt that if this was real, Algeria should have recalled its ambassador to Paris, summoned the French ambassador to Algiers. The country cannot do this with Rabat and Tel Aviv since Algeria has no diplomatic relations with Israel and has severed relations with Morocco.

Instead of having this information published in the press, it was necessary that as soon as President Tebboune becomes aware of it, that he act and that he first summons the French ambassador to protest, that he recalls the ambassador to Paris, that he break off relations and that he closes the airspace and that there are no more relations with France, because if we follow this logic, it is because it is the ‘French State which conspires against you’, did he declare.

According to him, if the information was true, the reaction should have been up to the magnitude of what is advanced. “We are talking about a destructive plan by Morocco, Israel and France if we trust your story, so show us your competence against France, (on the contrary) Tebboune is preparing his visit to France”, he argued.

In addition, the researcher returned to another aspect of the article which mentions the presence of 5 members of the French intelligence services and 12 on the Moroccan side.

“Even the number of people they have, the program they have, the place and the date they have, they have everything, in fact Algeria participated in this meeting too! »quipped the opponent, explaining that by giving all these details on this supposed meeting with the idea of ​​showing that the story holds up, “on the contrary, it shows that they are lies”.


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