ONDA mobilized to help travelers

The National Office of Airports (ONDA), said Thursday, to mobilize all its efforts for the transport of travelers’ luggage to Morocco after the problems encountered in international airports, in lack of personnel.

Disruptions in the transport of luggage to Moroccan airports have been recorded recently. These disturbances amount to “social movements of the staff of certain airports and airlines around the world and to technical problems in certain airports” such as Heathrow and Charles De Gaule, said ONDA in a press release.

ONDA had expressed “its deep regret for the travelers who had to endure this situation” and provided clarifications following these disruptions. Part of the explanation for this situation has its source in the lack of staff at the level of airlines and airports, which have reduced their employees since the covid-19 health crisis.

On Thursday, ONDA wanted to reassure travelers by saying that “its staff and partners are mobilized to ensure the redirection of luggage, once arrived” in Moroccan airports following disruptions in the routing of luggage from certain international airports to Morocco.


ONDA informs travelers that its staff & partners are mobilized to ensure the rerouting of luggage, once arrived at the airport.


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— ONDA (@ondaofficiel) July 28, 2022



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