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Once again the black market seizes the tickets

Once again, tickets for the Morocco-Brazil friendly match scheduled for Saturday March 25 were sold out as soon as online sales were launched on Thursday March 16. From 10 am, impossible to buy tickets for the match to find them later on black sale at triple the initial price.

For several weeks, Moroccans have been impatiently awaiting the launch of ticket sales for the national team match. Since the feat in Qatar, the Moroccans who did not have the chance to go to Doha have been waiting their turn to finally see the Atlas Lions play at home.

But what a disappointment to see that once again there are problems with ticket sales. As in Qatar and as for the Club World Cup, it is the black dealers who are doing well.

While it was impossible to get tickets for everyone, opportunists who found a way to buy tickets en masse from the first minutes of the site’s launch or by other unconventional means, posted offers on buy-and-sell pages or on social media.

The speed with which these gangs operate is disturbing and once again raises a scandal for football lovers, especially because of the long and arduous steps to carry out it is simply impossible to buy tickets with this quantity and so quickly.

Tickets are sold at 1500 dirhams while tickets are not worth more than 500 dirhams in category 1, not to mention the counterfeit tickets and false advertisements circulating to rip off Moroccans.

This is not the first time that this phenomenon has happened without the Royal Moroccan Football Federation (FRMF) cracking down. Already in Qatar, while free tickets have been made available to Moroccans to be able to attend national team matches, some of these same tickets have been diverted to be sold and the FRMF has not yet named the culprit.

Same thing for the Mondialito matches just a few weeks ago, tickets for the Real Madrid final reached abnormal sums on the black market.



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