On strike and sit-in in front of Parliament, medical students obtain a meeting with the guardianship

As announced at the end of June by the National Commission of Medical Students (CNEM), future doctors observed this Tuesday, July 5 a national strike of internships, guards and TP and TD courses accompanied by a sit-in in front of Parliament in Rabat . After this escalation, the students obtained a meeting tomorrow, with the two supervisory ministries, namely that of Health and Higher Education.

The reasons for the escalation of students in general medicine, pharmacy and dentistry are many. First of all, there is the quality of medical training, the reduction of one year of the medical course, the lack of training grounds, or even the integration of Moroccan students from Ukraine.

In a press release, the National Commission of Students in Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmacy of Morocco had criticized “ the pedagogical control book which frames the third cycle of medical studies, as well as the appalling overcrowding experienced by hospital internship sites”.

“Instead of making decisions aimed at expanding the training grounds of hospitals and improving the quality of medical and pharmaceutical training, unilateralism persists in addition to pursuing policies that threaten the country’s health sector through decisions destructive »lamented the Commission.

In addition, the CME had estimated that the reduction of the duration of training from seven to six years leads to many concerns about the quality of training, mainly with regard to the quality of the diploma and its internationality and the training conditions in the sixth year “.

Concerning the integration of students from Ukraine within the faculties of medicine in Morocco, the CNEM had renewed its rejection of this integration process, judging it impossible to carry out because of the direct threat it represents on the quality of the training of medical students.

Today, many of them protested in front of the Parliament in Rabat to make their grievances heard despite a meeting held last Wednesday, and “which did not lead to anything concreteaccording to Mohamed Kassimi Alaoui, coordinator of the National Commission for Medical Students in Morocco (CNEM) who confided inMoroccoLatestNews.

After their escalation in Rabat and the national strike observed on Tuesday, the Ministries of Health and Higher Education have summoned the representatives of medical students to the dialogue table tomorrow, Tuesday July 5, Mohamed confided to us.

The two supervisory ministries probably fear another anger from future doctors which may lead to a crisis like the one observed in 2019, when they observed a general strike (courses and internships) of more than 8 months, when they are the most present in the Kingdom’s university hospitals.

It should be recalled that the Minister of Higher Education, Abdellatif Miraoui, had qualified “incomprehensible» the announcement of a strike by future doctors, regretting the ongoing clash with Moroccan students in Ukraine and the incomprehension of local students for their exceptional situation.

The ministry is working to find a solution for students coming from Ukraine, and public opinion is also sought to convince Moroccan students of the need to interact with this category“, had confided the minister in a statement toMoroccoLatestNewsrejecting the position of future doctors.

For the Minister, Moroccan medical students are “become administrators and pedagogues who talk about subjects far from their specialization and their studies“. Miraoui therefore asked himself the question: “PWhy then this refusal“believing that there is”something wrong“.



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