Oman welcomes and is interested in the Moroccan experience in the production of green hydrogen

Morocco’s renewable energy model was hailed by the Director General of Renewable Energy and Hydrogen at Oman’s Ministry of Energy and Mines, Abdulaziz Al Shidhan.

The Moroccan experience in renewable energies was again mentioned as an example to follow, particularly in the production of green hydrogen. The Omani official affirmed Oman’s commitment to cooperate with Morocco in this sector and to communicate even more with Rabat on this subject.

At an international conference on Monday to promote Oman’s roadmap on carbon neutrality and investment in renewable energy, Abdulaziz Al Shidhan stressed that Morocco has established a “clear” strategy to benefit from the green hydrogen and that its geographical proximity to Europe is a considerable asset for the production and export of this material.

Morocco is an example since it is one of the 6 countries with significant capacities in the production and export of green hydrogen and its derivatives, according to the International Energy Council (World Energy Council).

It should be noted that the Kingdom has set up an energy model for the production of green hydrogen based mainly on renewable energies.

The objective is to achieve the objectives announced at COP 21, which aim to increase the share of renewable energies to 52% in Morocco’s energy mix by 2030.

Morocco has used its strategic geographical position and its Mediterranean and Atlantic port network to establish a roadmap for green hydrogen and achieve the short-term objectives and long-term ambitions.

With the aim of gradually developing green hydrogen, the roadmap foresees in the short term (2020-2030) local use of the latter as an industrial raw material, in particular through the production of the green ammonia necessary for the production of fertilizers and by exporting green hydrogen derivatives for the benefit of countries engaged in decarbonisation.


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