Officials convene meeting over Polisario flag in Casablanca bus WiFi

Officials convene meeting over Polisario flag in Casablanca bus WiFi

The officials of the Alsa company have been summoned by the authorities of the Casablanca-Settat region to probe the situation involving the inclusion of the Polisario flag in the Wi-Fi system within Casablanca’s buses, according to a statement from the regional administration (Wilaya).

The meeting brought together representatives from the regional administration, the mayor’s office of Casablanca, the CEO of Alsa Casablanca, and a representative from Casa Transport.

During the meeting, city authorities asserted that the matter at hand constituted a serious error, demanding full explanations from the company involved and the imposition of punitive measures.

Alsa’s representatives, in response, confirmed that they aligned with the stance of local authorities and shared the sentiments of Moroccan citizens regarding this incident. 

They clarified that this mishap stemmed from an electronic glitch, leading to the appearance of the Polisario symbol on the list of locations within the Wi-Fi network aboard their buses. 

They explained that this electronic error resulted from an update undertaken by the international company responsible for managing their Wi-Fi access platform. 

They further insisted that the involved company rectify the error promptly upon awareness.

With the aim of preventing a recurrence of such an incident, the authorities in Casablanca demanded the termination of the contract linking Alsa to the company responsible for managing their Wi-Fi network platform.

Concluding the meeting, Alsa’s representatives assured their commitment to terminating the contract binding them to the Wi-Fi network platform management company. 

They also extended their official apologies to the authorities and all Moroccans for this significant error, which they deemed an unintentional act. 


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