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OFEED Maroc and the American initiative PQAI support inventors

The OFEED association, a player in the innovation ecosystem in Morocco, and the American initiative PQAI (Patent Quality through Artificial Intelligence) have just signed a memorandum of understanding to support inventors with artificial intelligence technologies .

The objective is to facilitate the anticipation search of invention patents for inventors, the OFEED said in a press release on Tuesday, specifying that the prior art search is a crucial step before filing an invention patent application. , while knowing that inventors must call on experts in industrial property in order to perform this task.

“Today, with the artificial intelligence technologies offered by the PQAI platform, inventors will now be able to carry out this prior art search for invention patents by themselves directly and obtain a detailed search report”, explains the same source.

Developed by a large global community since 2018, the PQAI project is an open source platform whose use is free and open for individual inventors as well as for industrial property experts, companies and patent examiners.

The prior art search makes it possible to verify and validate the novelty of an invention, which is one of the decisive criteria for obtaining an invention patent, recalls OFEED, letting it be known that it had launched its own platform, for the first time in the world, using artificial intelligence to evaluate the innovations that will participate in the IWA 2021 “Innovation Week”.

The IWA 2021 “Innovation Week” will be held in Rabat from September 8 to 12 at the initiative of OFFEED, under the patronage of the International Federation of Inventors’ Associations (IFIA), with the support of the magazine The Patent as an international media partner, Oxford Business Group as a research partner and ICCD as a global marketing platform, it is said.




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