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OCP webinar the digital axis of development according to Guerraoui

On this Thursday, September 30, 2021, the OCP Foundation’s webinar discussed the challenge of digitization in Morocco’s new development model (NMD) of the bases established for the digital or digital transformation to say so in French according to Pr Guerraoui Rachid, member of the Special Commission on the Development Model and also member of the Steering Committee of UM6P (School of Computer Science).

The lessons learned from the “Covid-19” health crisis through certain transformations (software at the local level) and other topics related to digital and NMD have not been left out in this webinar from the Fondation de l ‘ OCP of which the eminent professor was the central element as the only speaker. In this meeting which was technically rich and having for theme, “ Digitization and the new development model », Rachid Guerraoui will have covered the question, dividing it into two parts first by coloring with an academic mastery the different angles of the concept of digital, but also by telling us the transversal place of digital in the NMD. We regret, however, this limited audacity as to the political thing that will have left us unsatisfied or hungry. Never mind ! Nothing is to be thrown out of this event which, let us remember, was fruitful when we approach the technical side.

After, therefore, having reviewed and quickly explained the concept of digitization or digital technology and having projected himself towards the future for the promotion of sustainable development, Rachid Guerraoui, who is a global specialist in distributed algorithms, will tell us to paraphrase how ” we managed the monster In the NMD report. We will have bet on digitization or digital it is according to, in all fields, including some government with educational, cultural, health and information programs, orienting towards realistic and achievable objectives, moving forward in this that the means and mechanisms generally did not require heavy investments to deploy them. ” The NMD first advocated or rather confirmed digital as a transversal axis of development and transformation of all fields, roughly speaking, we will have suggested that it is not a separate sector, but transversal, in agriculture, tourism, industry, culture … “.

To do this, three concrete actions will continue Rachid Guerraoui who worked among others in the prestigious Hewlett Packard laboratories in Paolo, ” with a common denominator, it is the concept of coverage Are described in the report. Coverage or capacitation is an essential element according to Guerraoui and we define the material coverage that allows all Moroccans to have an internet connection not for ordinary use, but for a precise benchmark such as the ability to follow a Classes. The second cover is “software”, that is to say ” provide services to citizens to get them used to digital technology and for the state to get used to digital transparency. While the third is, one will have guessed it, the human blanket and it relates mainly to training.




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