OCP, COMTAM SA successfully lead record-breaking loading operation off Jorf Lasfar

OCP, COMTAM SA successfully lead record-breaking loading operation off Jorf Lasfar

Morocco’s COMATAM SA, a company specializing in transport and chartering led a record-breaking loading operation off Jorf Lasfar in El Jadida. 

Supporting Morocco’s Cherifien Phosphates Office’s (OCP) industrial growth goals has been COMATAM SA’s primary goal since the company’s founding.

As a result, COMATAM SA’s management has implemented several initiatives as part of a comprehensive strategic plan to advance the digitalization of the company’s value chain, enhancing supplier relationship management capabilities, and unifying its quality policy.

In addition to finished or continuing projects, COMATAM SA is very interested in its ecosystem and its connections with institutional players in the maritime and logistics sectors generally. 

The company is very inclined to carry out large-scale logistics operations and to respond to the strategic goals of the OCP group through its practical approach.

COMATAM SA proceeded on Tuesday, October 24, in its capacity as designated consignee agent, to the management of the berthing and loading operations of the PATRICIA OLDENDROFF at the port of Jorf Lasfar, which is a bulk carrier vessel of the baby cape category with a capacity of 100.000 tonnes, a length of 255 meters, and a width of 46 meters, which constitutes a first in the history of loading operations of the OCP group.

It is also the largest volume of fertilizer loaded on a bulk carrier ship, hence its particularity since the previous record was held by a loading of 75.000 tonnes from Brazil.

At the port of Jorf Lasfar, the COMATAM SA teams executed consignment operations in strict adherence to international safety and quality standards and current procedures. 

This ensured a continuous presence alongside the ship’s crew and excellent coordination with the port authorities and the service providers assigned to deliver what was necessary.

At the end of the successful loading operations, the PATRICIA OLDENDROFF left the Jorf Lasfar port on Wednesday, November 1st bound for India. 

The successful conclusion of this remarkable consignment operation is encouraging for COMATAM SA as it puts the company in line with OCP’s strategic goals, to which the company is committed to providing its unique value and contribution.


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