Oasis festival returns to Ouarzazate this October

Oasis festival returns to Ouarzazate this October

With a rich lineup of national and international artists, the Oasis festival will be returning to Ouarzazate from October 27 to 29, in the Atlas studios promising a weekend of music, fun and new experiences.

The opening party will feature Moroccan producer and rapper Draganov, rapper Ouenza, artists Walshy Fire, Alo Wala, Goya Gumbani, Jantes, Vodoo Gentz and We the lions.

This first celebration is hosted by The Mbari House, Hassan Hajjaj and Art Comes First who will offer experiences of artistic exploration.

The festival announced extending the ticket purchasing deadline, before the prices witness a surge.

Holistic therapist Kenza Ito Mekouar will head a Oasis comprehensive Wellness Program for the festival comers to participate in.

The lineup still has several names, DJs and performers from around the world, to play their uniquely crafted mixes at the Rabat based event.

The rest of the lineup therefore consists of: Artbat, DJ Koze, Honey Dijon, Jyotk, Ok Williams, Partiboi69, Labat, Paula Tape, Rodriguez Junior, Romy, Sophia Kourtesis, Capra, Candle,Nomads, Tarza, Wahm live, and more.

The Moroccan renewed DJ Kawtar Saddik will also be performing. This year’s theme is “Into The Wild.”

For years now, Oasis festival has been using club music to bridge between cultures and invite people from all over the world to witness Morocco’s openness and richness. 

Featured on several international publications, the event is now considered as good as musical celebrations held in Ibiza, Miami and New York. 

Taking place in the Atlas Studios of Ouarzazate elevates the experience, as it is a location where several Hollywood productions took place. 

Last year, the event was held in the city of Dakhla. 


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