Noise of boots at the borders, VL-Mica missiles and Algerian maneuvers

Morocco has received its first two batteries of the French-made VL-Mica missile system, which aims to protect “vital and sensitive” installations against air threats.

The military equipment is a multi-target anti-aircraft missile system and it has a totally dual role. It is capable of coping with both BVR and SR combat situations and demonstrates very high performance in both situations, says the MBDA Missile Systems website.

Morocco had signed two arms contracts with France in 2019 worth 400 million euros, for the acquisition of Caesar artillery systems (200 million) and the VL Mica short-range air defense system. (200 millions). To do this, the Kingdom had obtained a loan of 192 million euros from the French bank BNP Paribas to finance the agreement with the French manufacturer MBDA according to the Defensa media.

The French VL Mica system will strengthen the air defense of the Moroccan army, which already has Chinese air defense systems, the “Sky Dragon”. But the VL Mica will not be the last acquisition of the kingdom which has been modernizing its army for several years. The Israeli Barak 8 and possibly the American Patriot are also expected.

For several years, Morocco has been strengthening its army with the support of its partners, the United States and Israel, in anticipation of possible attacks, you never know. In this regard, Morocco has already acquired Turkish and Israeli drones and plans to set up a drone manufacturing plant on its soil, in partnership with Israel.

All these military acquisitions aim to strengthen the Royal Armed Forces (FAR) to enable it to fully and effectively ensure the defense of the territory. They do not fit into any strategy of attack against the countries of the region, we are assured.

According to the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI), Morocco receives 9.2% of its weapons from France and 0.3% from the United Kingdom. The United States is the main supplier with 90%.

However, Morocco is in full preparation for the “African Lion 2022” exercise, the academic cycle of training for this year’s exercise was launched on Monday, June 06, 2022 for the benefit of FAR and multinational personnel. The 18th edition of the “African Lion 2022” exercise organized by the FAR and the American Armed Forces will see the participation of representatives of 18 partner countries, in addition to military observers from around thirty African and international countries.

The maneuvers of the exercise will be conducted from June 20 to July 1, 2022 in the regions of Kenitra, Agadir, Tan Tan, Taroudant and Mahbès, indicates a press release from the General Staff of the Royal Armed Forces.

On the other side of the border, oh nostalgia when you hold us, the senile general Said Chenegriha also chose Monday, June 6, to puff out his chest during a visit to the 3rd military region of Bechar. But not that, it is also said, that he will supervise “the exercise of a night exercise” with live ammunition at the level of the southern operational sector of Tindouf, boasted a press release from the Algerian Ministry of Defense.

But neither the date nor the place are fortuitous. Last March, the other senile of the Muppet show, the president with the unpronounceable name had given the order. It’s been done since yesterday and it’s a Sahrawi media very fed up with its cause, which tells us more by having laid this little paper about us and which we recommend that you read on the diagonal for fear of getting it. conjunctivitis.

The Algerian army carried out large-scale night tactical exercises on the country’s southwestern border on Monday evening, that is; the Algerian-Moroccan borders in the province of Tindouf, according to the Algerian public television Alg24. The tactical exercises were conducted in the third military region in the Béchar-Tindouf region and included firing live ammunition. Long-range missiles were also launched. Not even afraid!



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