No, the Brics is not for tomorrow!

No, the Brics is not for tomorrow!

For those who want to join, the Brics group (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa), which accounts for nearly 40% of the world’s population, 25% of the world’s GDP and 18% of international trade, offers many advantages. Among these is access to finance through the New Development Bank, created in 2014 and headquartered in Shanghai, China.

The latter, which plays the role of a central bank, offers many opportunities. It allows, in addition to access to financing, to grow trade and it is also the way open to an alternative financing system to the US dollar and the Swift international financial system.

A possible accession to the BRICS would therefore allow the new members to benefit from numerous economic advantages, in particular in the impetus of partnerships and investments on the basis of the win-win principle, and to penetrate the internal markets of the member countries of this economic conglomerate. That said, many are jostling at the membership gate. They are even some 25 candidates to have expressed the wish to join this economic coalition.

But now, only about fifteen applications for membership have been officially submitted, including Arabia, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, Indonesia and, paradoxically, Algeria… The latter, whose regime for senile people takes his fantasies for realities, is only there to make up the numbers. “Nice to know”, joining the Brics is done on the basis of a unanimous agreement, and not by the majority of these members which in the case of Algeria are only two.

During the last summit, on June 2 and 3, which took place in Cape Town in South Africa, if we left the surprise of the winning candidates for the next summit in August, which will be organized once in addition by South Africa, the BRICS countries could agree to induct up to five new members into the group at this leadership summit.

It has been said or leaked that Saudi Arabia is up for the Brics adventure. They would be four other favorites to have also been retained like the United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Indonesia and Argentina. The other candidates can see it coming, it’s traffic, there’s nothing to see.

Algeria’s candidacy, which is nothing more than window dressing to better fool the Algerian people, has been largely rejected. And for good reason, it does not meet the required conditions, the first of which is to renounce, within the framework of the Brics, the dollar and the Euro, in its commercial transactions, like the members who form it. If only for that, Algeria is sure to be rejected again and again.

In addition, it may caress in the direction of the hair its “sponsors”, South Africa and Russia, its chances of membership are weak in view of the internal situation of the Algerian people who have to queue to obtain its ration of milk, bread, rice or lentils… No, Algeria does not have the stature of any of the Brics countries. The path as the song would say “is long dad” and in the history of the most beautiful woman in the world can only give what she has, to compete in beauty with the tenors of the Brics, she does not have this virtue .

Algeria’s only wealth is divine blessing and the gas and oil on which it lives. This fossil energy has no added value to bring to the Brics group. No ! In the current context, Algeria will never be able to find a place among these advanced countries, known to be major exporters in all fields, like China, Russia, India or Brazil, which are the where it matters to survive.

What does Algeria produce apart from its propaganda and lies to put its people to sleep? It has neither the world power in the industrial, military or agricultural domains to claim from Russia, China, India or Brazil, nor even, moreover, its geostrategic situation to “export” . It’s a bit like the modern version of the famous fable of the frog who wants to be bigger than the ox.


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