No impact on product availability, but a price increase is expected

The war in Ukraine will have no impact on the products imported by Morocco and which our country needs, said Thursday, Mustapha Baitas, government spokesperson, during the weekly press briefing. held at the end of the Government Council.

Baitas reaffirmed in this sense that the war in Ukraine “will have no impact on the availability of the products our country needs, but rather on the prices which will increase“, thus detailing the products imported by Morocco from Ukraine and Russia, but also the alternatives if necessary.

Concerning soft wheat and barley, Mustapha Baitas specified that Russia and Ukraine, respectively the second and third importer of soft wheat for Morocco after France, with 25% for Russia and 11% for Ukraine .

The potential import of soft wheat from Ukraine has been set at 25% or 8.7 million quintals. Morocco has already imported 5.6 million quintals. There are 3.1 million left that you can easily buy from other countries, especially in the EU or other“, he reassured.

As for Russia, soft wheat import forecasts have fallen sharply, given the low production experienced by the country he pointed out. Regarding imports of barley from Ukraine, ” they represented 13% on average during the last 5 years, and 18% for the current season against 3% for Russia“said the government spokesman.

The amount of barley Morocco plans to import from Russia has been set at 0.6 million quintals, of which 0.5 million Morocco has already purchased and received earlier this year, he said. note. ” The rest of the needs are identified at 0.17 million quintals that we can possibly import from the EU or France“, indicated Baitas before concluding that Morocco does not import durum wheat, neither from Ukraine nor from Russia.



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